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Here at Bright Lights we pride ourselves on the superb collection of products we have available from the world's leading manufacturers. This policy ensures our clients experience the best in sight and sound with unmatched reliability.

Elan Home Entertainment & Home Control
ELAN Home Systems has manufactured innovative multi-room audio/video systems since 1989. Elan's systems were the first to integrate music, intercom and television distribution features that used the homeowner’s stereos, televisions and telephones to create the entire home entertainment experience.

Wherever you are, you're in total control with one graphic, easy-to-use interface on a wide variety of devices; from handheld remotes to tabletop or in-wall touchpads - even on your iPhone or iPad, when you're away from home.

No other Smart Home system is so brilliantly entertaining, so well integrated or so easy to use and expand.

Elan Home Entertainment & Control
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